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AustriaKlagenfurtMinimundus GmbH **T+43/463/21194-0 140 models on display of the most beautiful buildings from all five continents. Modellers show groups around. The guided tour takes one hour and provides history, and many stories about the Park. Visit the workshops where the models are created.BelgiumBruxellesMini-Europe **Tel + 32 + (0) 2- 474.13.13 Located at the foot of the Atomium, have a whistle stop tour around Europe in a few hours. Visitors can make the models work: the eruption of Vesuvius, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the bullfight in Seville. 300 models and sites. Also European Space full of interactive multimedia games.DenmarkLegoland,Billund, JutlandTel. +45 7533 1333 Miniland is the big world in miniature built of 20 million LEGO® bricks. drive in a zebra- striped jeep among the wild LEGO animals on the African savannah. Take a boat trip around the world. From a rotating panoramic lift, which travels at a height of 36 metres visitors have a great view of LEGOLAND.CopenhagenTivoliTel: +45 3315 1001 Opened in 1843 as a theme park and public garden, and still retains a flavour of that era. Plenty of rides including the Golden Tower, Valhalla Castle, a Ferris Wheel and a roller coaster. Also on offer concerts, circus acts, and theatrical performances.FranceAnjouTERRA BOTANICA,Pays De La Loire Tél. 0033 02 41 25 48 74 Opened 2010 - Europe’s first horticultural theme park, devoted entirely to the understanding and discovery of plant life. Located near Angers, France’s leading horticultural region, the park is both fun and educational, offering visitors an exciting adventure into the world of plants.LES EPESSESPuy du FouTel:00 33 820 09 10 10 Discover renowned periods of French history : from theRoman era to the Vendéen Wars, through the Viking invasion and the Middle Ages... travel through the centuries. Shows and attractions blend with the calm 40 acre landscape park and the reconstituted working villages. Night-time Cinéscénie shows, with a stage covering 57 acresParisDisneyland Park ParisTel 0844 800 8111Pink castle and "lands" themed on the Wild West, the future and fairy tales, costumed Disney characters, Walt Disney Studios Park , and of course a host of scary theme-park rides. Also offers eight elaborately themed hotels, Disney Village of shops, restaurants and evening entertainmentPoitiersFuturoscopeTel 020-7499 8049 Discover the world of cinema and the moving image in this futuristic theme park, considered to be one of the top 15 in the world. A tram runs around this enormous state-of-the-art technology park.. Huge screens and projectors allow visitors to 'experience' flying, falling, space flight and many more incredible effects.PlaillyParc AstérixTel:00 33 8 26 30 10 40 A theme park based on the adventures of the popular cartoon character, Astérix. Located in the heart of protected forest, the park takes visitors on a humorous journey through ancient Gaul, the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages to the 21st century. About 30 permanent rides at the park, and regular showsSaint-Ours-les-RochesVulcaniaTel:00 33 820 827 828 Surrounded by the dormant volcanoes of the Auvergne region, the park takes vulcanologyas its theme. Dragon Ride, a mythical special-effects journey in to the depths of the earth. New this year is The Earth's Rage, a simulated adventure immersing you in disastrous natural phenomena, such as an avalanche, earthquake and tornadoGermanyBrühl near ColognePhantasialandTel+49 223 23 6200 Visitors step into various subject-related sectors such as Alt-Berlin, China Town, Wuze Town, Fantasy, Mystery, Mexico and Silver City. The wild water rapids, mystery castle, Hollywood tour, space centre and Colorado adventure are just some of the attractions.LeipzigBELANTISTel: +490341 91 03 0Web: www.BELANTIS.deActivities for all age groups are provided and there are six distinct themes, such as the “Valley of the Pharaohs” and “Island of Knights”, which offer a range of rides, shows and entertainment options.RustEuropa-Park – Germany’s biggest theme parkTel.: +49 7822 77 14 250 E-Mail: More than 100 attractions and shows, an area of 95 hectares, 13 European themed areas, 6 hours of show-programmes, 5 hotels– Europa-Park, which is located in the border-triangle Germany – Switzerland – France, is a unique destination for short-holidays with leisure activities for all age groups and tastes.HamburgMiniatur Wonderland **Tel. +49 (0)40 - 36 09 11 57 FAX +49 (0)40 -	36 09 11 5 Over 450 trains, as well as 50,000 trees, 30,000 figures, 10,000 cars, 3,000 houses, 20,000 tiny lamps light up houses, street lamps and carsGünzburgLEGOLANDGroup hotline: +49 (0)1805 700 757 70* charged E-mail: Eight theme areas, rollercoasters, water attractions and shows and MINILAND. Here, on a scale of 1:20, famous European towns and landscapes recreated from over 25 million LEGO bricks, People, animals, cars, ships, trains and aeroplanes can all be moved at the touch of a button– together with the appropriate background noises.Bottrop-KirchhellenMovie Park GermanyTel+49-2045-899 0 Spectacular Hollywood shows, breathtaking roller-coasters and attractions based on themes from the world of cinema await youin 5 theme areas on an area of over 45 hectares.Experienced the astounding effects of gravity? Or been missing in the Bermuda Triangle? Nothing beats an action- packed day of fun.KrausnickTropical Island Management GmbHTel +49 (0)3 54 77 - 60 50 50Visitors enjoy a 42ft mountain, a 490ft tropical lagoon, a series of jungle pathways, a range of wildlife including birds, butterflies, monkeys. Performers from Africa, Asia and South America entertain every night with traditional music, songs and dance. Restaurants in each ofthe six villages offer authentic cuisines.NürburgringCentral Germany T+49 (0) 2691 / 302 630www.nuerburgring.dePure fun at every season Germany’s biggest theme park!• Over 100 enthralling attractions and shows • 17 themed areas of which are 13 representing European countries • 11 thrilling roller coasters and five different water attractions • Attractive group and school group offers • Blissful stays at the wonderful 4-star themed hotels, in the CampResort in tepees, covered wagons and log cabins or in your own caravan/tentHigh-speed thrill-ride	4-star superior hotel “Bell Rock”Europa-Park – Theme Park & Resort in Rust near Freiburg/Black ForestInfo-Line +49 7822 77-6688 · www.europapark.deYou can see all editions of the Guide and magazine at Theme and Adventure Parksblue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM

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