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6Belgium continued.......27MAY01 - 17 03 - 04 04 –3015 - 18 23 - 25 28 – 01June29 29 – 01JuneJUNE04 -08 07 - Sept 20 – 2227 – 29JULYAntwerp : 10 Mile MarathonBrussels : Belgium Gay Pride: With walks through Brussels, music and festivities Parade on 17th May Liege : International Jazz Festival: prestigious annual gathering of the greats of jazz www. jazzaliege.beBrussels : Queen Elizabeth Music Competition for violinists, pianists, composers and vocalists. The 2014 edition will be devoted to the violin A www. cmireb.beAntwerp: Taste of Antwerp The country’s largest and leading food festival Brussels : 20th Jazz Marathon: With 400 artists at 125 free concerts www.jazzmarathon.beNamur : Festival of the Fairground Arts - comedians, magicians, dream and illusion merchants take you along in search of emotions and pleasure! Fascinating! Bruges : Procession of the Holy Blood: Annually since 1150, one of the greatest religious pageants in Europe, mile long procession of Bruges citizens - many in medieval dress Ostend	: Ostend at Anchor Maritime Festival www.oostendevooranker.beBrussels : Ancient Art Fair: Dealers in classical, Egyptian and Near Eastern antiquities, from all over the world, display their treasures. Brussels : Roller Parade: 7pm every Friday,. 10km roller skate Circuit, ending with a fiesta in the centre of town.Brussels and Wallonia - Fete de la Musique, Hundreds of free concerts in Brussels and Wallonia to celebrate the summer solstice.www. : Couleur Café festival . 75,000 people attend Brussels most atmospheric, multicultural music festival23-24 (tbc)23 – 24street entertainment, theatre, music and puppetry. Ducasse, Ath (Province of Hainaut) Dating from 15th century. A folkloric procession of giants and 20th century style floats, culminating in a hot air balloon festival on Sunday (French only)(Province of Namur) Temploux Market the largest market in Belgium, with over 2000 exhibitors of antiques and second and items. A veritable feast for bargain hunters who are free to nose around at any time of day or night! (French only)SEPTEMBERTo September Brussels-Royal Palace: Open daily from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, except on Mondays Entrance free. www.05 - 07 13 – 2718 - 22OCTOBER05 14 – 2516 – 20 18 - 19NOVEMBER28 – 04 JanCroatiaAPRIL24 – 2626 –31 AugMAY01 - 3101 - 31 15 – 02 JuneJUNE05 – 12 June 06 – 08Brussels:Beer Festival Gent :Flanders Festival taking place throughout the historical cities Festival of Wallonia: Prestigious international orchestras and soloists perform in castles, abbeys and churches in the French speaking part of Belgium. www.fetesdewallonie.beBrussels : Marathon Ghent :International Film Festival of Flanders Antwerp: World Cup - Billiards Hasselt : Jenever Festivities The Borrel Man changes water into gin. Vistiors can walk or ride on the Gin Tram. www.jeneverfeesten.beThroughout Belgium :Christmas and Advent Markets see Brussels : European Christmas Market – Ice Rink, shopping, Winter Fun. Festiwine - the first ever regional wine festival Fažana: Little Academy of Pilchard Fishing, A new gastronomic experience - over a hundred ways to prepare this oily fish. www.istria-fazana.comPožega: One-Minute Film Festival, ~ Films of all genres where the plot, the action and the outcome happens in just 60 seconds. Metković: Folk Lore Festival becomes the gathering point for folklore groupsKarlovac :Nobility Fair The town returns to the Middle AgesZagreb:Cest is D’Best, a world of circus and theatre entertainers, music, jugglers, clowns and magicians. Ogulin:Fairytale Festival a magical world of fairies, dwarves and mystical creatures from Croatia’s most famous author of fairytales, Brič Mažuraničofte. Split:Festival of street performers Artists, street performers and performers of free form artistic expression from sixteen countries www.visitsplit. com Šibenik:53rd International Children’s Festival, storytelling, crafts, music and dance, giant screens, theatre productions, puppet shows and parades all staged to promote creativity in children www.mdf- Istria :Vrsar Casanovafest, the festival of love and eroticism, celebrates the connection between the famous seducer and Vsar. www.casanovafest.com02 – 04 04 – 10 Aug12 - 1412 - 1317 – 20 25 - 29AUGUST01- Brussels : Ommegang Pageant Annual event in honour of Emperor Charles V at The Grand Place Bruxelles-les-Bains (Brussels Beach), along the Beko Basin: Summer in the city with sand, coconut palms, fountains, a football pitch, a pétanque green, salsa bars, dance classes, DJs and concerts and more. Free Chiny : Intercultural Fairytale Festival. Attracts a large number of storytellers and joke tellers who can be found, in the halls and streets of the town and in the forest and boats on the Semois River. Brussels : Brosella Folk & Jazz Free festival including jazz, folk and numerous activities for all Dour Festival: - bands and artists in all the musical genres Libramont : Fair Huge outdoor rural exhibition showcasing machinery, livestock breeding, forestry, agri-food industry, horticulture and more.Dranouter : Folk Festival annual largest in Europe in Heuvelland Brugge : MAfestival one of the most important early music festivals with competitionsDinant : 28th Bathtub Regatta: Over 250 participants race on the river Meuse, Brussels: Flower Carpet will once again light up the Grand-Place Chassepierre (Province of Namur): International Festival of Street Artists 40th edition of this lively and colourful event which takes over the town,street entertainment, theatre, music and puppetry. Brussels: Fiesta Latina this festival is a unique opportunity for everyone to start discovering the traditions, rhythms, colours and flavours of Latin- Spa Francorchamps (Province of Liege)Belgium Formula 1 Grand Prix, The exciting F1 on one of the racers’ favourite tracks in the world http://www. Namur:International Festival of Street Artists40th edition of this lively and colourful event which takes over the town of Chassepierre during two days of01 15 15 1723 22 23- 10– 17 – 18– 25– 254 – 2416 – 28 21 - 0526 – 28 27 – 25JulyJuly (TBC) Rijeka: Summer Nights classical drama productions, opera, premieres and concerts of classical music, street theatre and pop concerts. www.rijeckeljetnenoci.com28 - 29Hvar :Lavender festival revel in lavender products and presentations about traditional distillation, local cuisine, exhibitions, workshops, concerts etcYou can see all editions of the Guide and magazine at Events

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