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Croatia continued.......JULY02 - 09 10 – 28 Aug12 – 14 14 – 14 Aug16 – 20 26 – 27AUGUST08 – 1016 – 19 19 – 23Tisno: 8th Garden Festival, actually a dance festival with excellent local cuisine www.thegardenfestival. eu Dubrovnik: Summer Festival presents a rich programme of classical music, theatre, opera and dance on more. www.dubrovnik-festival.hrDonji Miholjac: Slavonian Folklore Festival – fabulous folk lore groups of Slavonia and all Croatia Split: Summer Festival musical performances, dance, theatre, opera, concerts and exhibitions, film projections and street theatre Zagreb:International Folklore Festival, original folk customs and music and performing arts events www. Island of Rab:Rab Fair (Fjera), The islanders portray the life of their ancestors through costumed dramatic events, knight’s tournament, medieval craftsmen, artisans and merchants show their crafts. www.fjera.hrLovrečeva: Krk Fair - The knights compete in knightly skills, maritime battles in the town port, and pirates search for long forgotten treasures. Split: Days of Diocletian Townsfolk celebrate 1700 years of their city, by returning to their ancient past Split: The whole world comes to Split klapa concerts,folklore ensembles, tambura orchestra, exhibition of souvenirs, wine presentation and food15 –03 Aug 16 – 20 July 1720-22 21 - 22Cheb: Mitte Europa. A classical music and other fine arts festival Prague: Prague Proms - vatious dates of this international music festival Ostrava: Golden Running Spike, a traditional athletics meeting which has been added to the International Athletics Federation Super Grand Prix category www.zlatatretra.czČeský Krumlov: Five-petal Rose Celebrations,Renaissance festival Kutná Hora: Kings Silver Festival - a medieval festival with costumed parades, fair and fireworks http://www.stribreni.cz29 – 01 Jul (tbc)	Hradec Kralove: 147th anniversary of the Battle of Hradec Kralove Historic reconstruction ofSEPTEMBERJULYJuly/Aug 03 – 0504 – 12 July 17 - 2018 – 16 AugAUGUSTthe 1866 battle in which Prussia became unified with GermanyCzech Castles Festival - pop, rock & alternative music festival over the summer weekends at different locations - Hradec Kralove: Rock for People – one of the biggest rock festivals	in the country hosting many international names International Film Festival Karlovy Vary – 48th year of popular A-listed film festivalOstrava: Colours of Ostrava, the 10th festival of rock, folk, ethno and alternative music www. Český Krumlov: International Music Festival one of the highlight in the town’s summer cultural calendar www.ckrumlov.czJablunkovsko: Gorolski Swieto International Folk Festival held in a natural auditorium in the forest Pilsen : Living Street Festival – music festival connecting art and culture with gastronomy www. plzen.euPrague: Letni Letna – popular festival of new circus and theatre Split: exhibit the cultural, historical and gastro- enological heritage of other Croatian and European cities in Split.Hradec Kralove: Hip Hop Kemp – biggest hip hop event in country Varaždin: Špancirfest (Strollers’ Festival) Every year the festival introduces new attractionsand programmes visitors are welcome to participate Pilsen: Pilsner Fest – music, food and at the first place beer located at the Pilsner Urquell brewery Docesna - Hop Harvest Festival (Zatec)– event with the longest tradition in the country www.docesna.czMattoni Prague Grand Prix– traditional running race through the illuminated streets of Prague,10 and 5km. The Old Town Square will be animated with live music, dancing and other attractions.http:// Soup Festival Gathering of people who love good soup. Mikulov: Pálava Wine Festival Come and savour this year’s young wine, give your taste buds a treat with local specialitiesCesky Krumlov: Festival of Baroque Art – a unique festival of baroque operas performed in original baroque theatre at Cesky Krumlov castle festivalbaroknichumeni.xmlHradec Kralove: Jazz Goes to Town – 20th annual international jazz festival Jihlava: International Documentary Film Festival – 17th annual international festival www.dokument-festival.comPrague: Akcent Festival – International Theatre Fesival with social outreach –– theatre, workshops, exhibitons, art performances Austerlitz : Slavkov/Castle of Slavkov- – A commemorative event including an historic re- inactment to mark the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz on December 2nd 1805 (aka06 - 30 Nov 18 – 22OCTOBER01 – 30 Nov01 – 31 19 – 26Istria:Days of Truffles . the gourmet crown jewels of Istria. and taste truffles in every possible combination Lepoglava; Lace Festival celebrates local works as well as international producers www.cipkarski-festival.comPunat, Island of Krk: Days of Olives Harvesting by day, evenings with the best cooks in Croatia competing and preparing olive-based dishes. www. tzpunat.hrHrvatska Kostajnica :The Chestnut Festival A celebration of the delicious and versatile chestnut with stalls, tastings and recipes Zagreb: Film Festival Not just for film buffs, also excellent concerts. www.zagrebfilmfestival.com02 – 04 11 – 1717 – 02 19 – 2321 – 23 23 – 01SepCzech RepublicAPRIL30 - 01May(TBC)	Český Krumlov : MagicalSept (tbc)Krumlov,historical	Changing guard at Prague Castle market andmusical fair www.ckrumlov.czCentral Moravia: Dvořák’s Olomouc, an international classical music festival. Prague: Traditional marathon (42.195km) through the historical centre Prague: 69th Spring International (Classical) Music Festival Prague : Czech Beer Festival The largest gastronomic event in the Czech Republic! Ten thousand places to sit. Czech folk costumes. www. ceskypivnifestival.czVlčnov: Ride of Kings, a folk festival with music, dancing and a parade UNESCO World Heritage listed folk event - Brno: Ignis Brunensis -– international fireworks display or Prague: Festival Dance Prague - festival of contemporary dance and movement theatre www. tanecpraha.czSouth Moravia: Concentus Moraviae – international music festival involving 21 towns and other venues such as churches,chateaux and courtyards. The festival also called ‘Bohemian Dreams‘is the Czech part of a Pan-European project. www. – 31 30 – 31 SEPTEMBERMAY01 – 25 11 12 – 03 June 15 – 3023 - 2524 -15 June 26 – 26 JuneJUNE03 - 28 June0606 – 07 12 – 14 19 – 21OCTOBER13 – 18 23 – 28NOVEMBER05 – 12 28 - 30You can see all editions of the Guide and magazine at Events

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