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Options and Attractions news continued...European eccentricsExclusive - Tour Operators 2015Lake brienz - 2015 seasonMake the most of your Swiss itinerary with a boat trip on beautiful Lake BrienzPrice CHF 12 - per person (2nd class)What is on offer• One way travel between Brienz-Interlaken Ost or Interlaken Ost-Brienz• Groups of 10 or more travelling together• Valid on all scheduled boat cruises on Lake Brienz (up to 9 daily departures in each direction)• 1 tour leader per group free• Available April - October 2015• Reservation required for each group• Travel time 75 minutes• Net rate , not commissionable• Trial offer for 2015 season• Offer available to operators with regular departures/bookings• Catering available on request • Handling and payment will be arrangedwith each operator individually Contact BLS AG Schifffahrt Berner OberlanderMs Stephanie Srähli Tel: +41 (0)58 327 48 62first World War in the AirRoyal Air Force Museum, to open in December 2014A brand new permanent exhibition will open in December 2014 in the museum’s historic Grahame - White Factory:this Grade II listed building was an active aircraft fac- tory during the First World War.Paddle steamer - Lötschberg - Lake BrienzThe Museum site in North London has a rich history and played an important role in the early development of British aviation.English aviation pioneer Claude Grahame - White described the area as the birthplace of aerial power.’ The exhibition will explore what it was like to be involved in the earliest days of military aviation through the story of Britain’s air services, the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service. These two organisations merged on 1 April 1918 to become the world’s first independent air force, the Royal Air Force. This story will incorporate the experiences of pilots, ground crews and factory workers as well as the local North London community.Hogwarts in the snowWarner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, until - 01 Jan 2015Celebrate the festive season Harry Potter style with Hogwarts at Christmas. Ensuring things are even more magical than usual, the most amazing snowfall of the season hits Hogwarts. Get up close to the stunning model castle used in the Harry Potter films as it’s covered in a blanket of special effects snow for the Christmas period. The many intricately detailed sets in the studio are also given a Christmas makeover as props and decorations used in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone are brought out of stor- age. There’s also the chance to marvel at the eight Christmas trees that line the Great Hall, alongside festoons of holly, mistletoe and golden wreaths.“The most domesticated of burglars!”An elderly English couple on their way home from a National Trust holiday, returned to find that an intruder had cooked himself dinner, hung his socks out to dry and gone to sleep in their bed.Martin Holtby, 78, and his partner Pat Dyson, 73, returned to their home in Nelson, Lancashire, which Lukasz Cho- jnowski, 28, a Polish upholsterer, had been treating as his own for several days.The pair realised that something was wrong when they noticed newspapers neatly stacked with a pasta dish on the kitchen table and a bath filled with warm water.As in the Grimm’s fairy tale, Goldilocks, Mr Holtby went upstairs to his bedroom and exclaimed: “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed - and he’s still here.”The retired civil servant prodded their un- welcome house guest awake as Ms Dyson heard him shout: “What are you doing? Get out, get up.” Alarmed, she ran upstairs and came across Mr Holtby standing over the intruder, who was “cowering under the bed sheets”.Chojnowski pleaded guilty at Burnley crown court to burglary and theft. Laura Heywood, the defence, claimed that he thought the house was derelict because of its overgrown “wildlife garden”.Ms Dyson said: “In terms of burglars he was the most domesticated one I could ever ask for. Fancy washing his dishes and air- ing his smalls. I would happily put him up in the cellar as our butler.”Chojnowski was given a two-year condi- tional discharge and ordered to pay £200 in costs.flowerbed gone to potAn English pensioner was stunned after she was informed that a mystery plant in her garden was cannabis.Patricia Hewitson, from Exmouth, Devon, spotted a new species growing in her garden and sent a photograph of it to BBC Radio Devon’s gardening programme for help identifying it. The show’s expert, Sarah Chesters, recognised it and said the seed may have fallen from an overhead bird feeder.Despite it being illegal to grow cannabis, police assured her she will not be pros- ecuted after cultivating the plant in good faith.A new line in supermarketsA new German supermarket is to become one of the most environmentally-friendlyretailers in the world by making customers bring their own containers to buy coffee,beer, shampoo - and even toothpaste. Original Unverpackt stocks350 products in bulk containers and aims to be the first of a chain of plastic-free supermarkets across a nation where con- sumers have a strong ecological streak. The supermarket is in the trendy Kreuzberg neighbourhood of Berlin.Beware of browsingAn American tourist found himself locked inside a London Waterstones bookshop for two hours after it closed while he was still browsing. David Willis, from Texas, saidhe had been upstairs in the shop for 15 minutes and when he came down all the lights were out and the doors locked.In a Twitter post, which by Friday af- ternoon had been retweeted by more than 12,000 people, he tweeted: “Hi Waterstones, I’ve been locked inside of your Trafalgar Square bookstore for two hours now. Please let me out.”A Metropolitan Police spokesman said po- lice were called and following the arrival of a keyholder the man left the building shortly after 11pm. Branch manager Matt Atkins told the BBC: “We’re mortified that this has happened”On the Road issue 217Page 21Patricia HewitsonWho’s been sleeping in my bed`!!!Hogwarts in the snow

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