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Transport news continued...TriaLs - Liquid BomB scannErGatwick and Heathrow airports together with 61 airports across Europe and Australia are trialling a new scanner that can check the liquid contents on bot-tles for bomb ingredients without opening them. The Cobalt Light System may eventually lead to the end of a ban on airline passengers carrying liquids over 100ml in their hand luggage.Cobalt says its Insight100 ‘allows liquids to be screened through a wide-range of non-metallic containers in just five seconds’. It can screen containers as small as 10ml or up to 3 litres.“As well as detecting the threat, the In- sight100 also identifies the specific threat material by name,” it said. “The system hasan exceptionally high detection performanceObiTUARy PiP TyLERWe are sad to announce the passing last month of the founder of Tucan Travel, Pip Tyler. Aged 64, Pip died peacefully in Sydney after a long battle with cancer.Pip founded Tucan Travel along with his wife, Liliana, in 1987 running the business together from South America. He had the inspiration to run public- transport based tours in South Ameri- ca while he was working for a different tour operator in the region which used private transport which always broke down. “Clients really enjoyed the authentic experience of travelling with locals. I realised that this was the best way to experience this fabulous con- tinent.”The early days of Tucan Travel looked a lot different to today with Pip and Liliana having to work behind a bar in a pub to supplement their income before starting their first tour from Bogota in November 1987. The first section, from Bogota to Lima had only three passengers on board with a further four joining at Lima.A passionate traveller, one of his favourite countries was Guatemala for the colourful markets and friendly people. However, he always had a soft spot for Colombia where he met his wife, Liliana. Many of the 115+ coun- tries which he travelled to, he travelled to with her and their strong partner- ship allowed the company to blossom into the size it is today.On the loss of a good friend, Matt Gannan, CEO of Tucan Travel released a statement, “Pip was a travel industry giant who helped build the Adventure Travel industry into what itLoch Lomond SeaplanesBordErs raiLwayScottish Borders, Midlothian and Edinburgh.The new Borders Railway will be the longest new domestic railway to be constructed in Britain for over 100 years. And opens in September 2015. Running between Edinburgh and Tweedbank, the journey will take less than an hour and will open up opportunities for visitors to explore Midlothian and the Scottish Borders, an area which has an interna- tional reputation as an excellent cycling destination and beautiful countryside famous for inspiring Sir Walter Scott.On the Road issue 217skyE sEapLanEsApril to October 2015, SkyeSkye Seaplanes is a new seaplane op- eration from the highly successful Loch Lomond Seaplanes - the UK’s only com- mercial seaplane company and voted by Scots as the country’s top “must do” ac- tivity. The Isle of Skye is one of the most stunning islands in the world and visitors can enjoy the voyage from an iconic sea- plane taking them back to the halcyon days of travel. Flights depart from the stunning little airfield of Broadford on the south east corner of the Isle of Skye with an unforgettable water take-off and landing during the tour.Prices from £89, maximum 9 people per flight. www.lochlomondseaplanes.comPage 8Paul Loeffen, Chief Executive of Cobalt Photograph: Graham Turnercoupled with an ultra-low falsealarm rate.”It says its system will help reduce the cost of extra security measures, such as extra security staff, confiscations and- missed and delayed flights.It is believed the European Commission wants to lift the ban by January 2016 by using technology to screen all liquids, lotions, powders and gels, Source -the Daily today. It was Pip’s drive, optimism and hard work that helped make Tucan Travel a household name and he will always be remembered for this. I will miss Pip a great deal. On behalf of everyone at Tucan Travel, I would like to send our condolences to Liliana and their daughter Shanna and to Pip’s other family both in Australia and theUK.”Pip maintained an active role in the company, working to develop Tucan Travel’s Tailor-made team in Australia right up until June 2014 when he and Liliana formally retired and left the business. They were able to spend his final months in the company of some of their closest friends and family in Australia and around the world.To leave messages of condolence for Pip’s wife and daughter, Liliana and Shanna, please click here.Jess Millett | Communications Coordinator tucantravel adventures with passion, 316 Uxbridge Road,Acton,London,W39QP, United Kingdom

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